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Orb pictures, continued, 2003 ......


On Feb. 1, 2003, I attended my Dad's 80th birthday party. The orbs at my folks' house were overwhelming ... and the little devils ruined most of my pictures! Another point: I was using a different (larger) memory card for these than for previous pictures (so rule out a memory card defect). Here are some shots:

March 2003: Here's another orb theory based on "plasma physics." According to this website, orbs in digital photos are plasmoids related to "ball lightening." Read more about it here:

March 22, 2003: Just to rule out my camera as causing my orbs, we took the following pictures with my stepdaughter Sharon's camera (she's 6 months pregnant), comparing bellies with her dad (Gordy) ... these are the first orbs she has ever gotten with her camera. They are very pale/transparent (they showed up better in the full-sized, uncropped shots) and they seem to congregate around her unborn child (a girl). But Gordy's got some on him, too, (brighter one near his hand in first shot):

We also got a couple little orbs on this shot of Sharon's husband, Ray (near his right hand, on the left):

Summer 2003: I was starting to think the orbs had left me alone. I wasn't getting any with outdoor or indoor shots, flash or no flash. Then, in early July, I got the picture at the right. I left it the entire size because it's pretty amazing ... one giant orb right in the middle, and I'm pretty sure if it flashed, it wasn't much of a flash. It was in the middle of the day, dry but not dusty, and it was on one of my favorite forested trails here on my beautiful property.

Then, in early August, I was taking pictures at my daughter's home at the birthday party of her 4-year-old son. It was at her home that I got my first orbs (see the story at the top of the page). And it seems that they like celebrations because they always show up at parties!


This picture was taken on August 30th. It's one of my favorite places. The three trees ... or branches, not sure which ... are growing straight up from a cedar tree which fell over but isn't quite dead yet. The weather was warm and dry, but this area is still muddy (it's back in the high-water-table swampland). There was a flash, but not much of one. I took some other pictures in the same area, but didn't have any orbs in them.


September 29, 2003: These are what I call the "dozer orbs." On the southwest corner of our property, the owners in back of us decided to bulldoze the land, pushing over many trees and clearing away the wilderness that was once there. Apparently, they want to fence the area (despite the standing water much of the year) for horses. It's freaky to see their house where once there was only forest! I took about two dozen shots on the morning after the week-end's activity. For every shot with orbs in it like these, there were at least one or two of the same area without any orbs ... so I can't blame it on dust or mist in the air. Most of the orbs seemed to congregate near a cedar tree who was left standing alone in the middle of the cleared area. I felt much sadness and grief over the destruction ... but I don't know if that was just me, or if the spirits were crying as well.

October - November, 2003: The orbs seem to like kids and any activities kids are involved with. CLICK HERE to see pictures from a PTA Oktoberfest and our playground orbs in early November.

Christmas 2003: And of course, like last year, the orbs love to hang out at holiday celebrations, particularly kids and gifts. CLICK HERE to see the 2003 Christmas orbs.