2011 - Fabulous Photos

All throughout 2010 and 2011 I get what I think of as "regular orbs" in pictures ... I don't even take the time to document them anymore, they have become so normal.

However, here are some that go way beyond normal ... the second picture with each is a full-frame crop

This first one was taken at the ocean during a particularly lovely sunset on Memorial Day (May 30th) following a family reunion (which went well and had several normal orbs in pictures). There were two odd things about this one: first, there was no flash ... and second, I took at least two or three pictures before and after this one from the exact same position and no orbs.

Now the next two pictures really give me chills ... I was walking down the back trail that Gordy just made, taking some pictures for posterity and my print-out scrapbook. It was just overcast enough that my camera was flashing. However, I didn't get any orbs in any of the pictures except for this one: look at the tree to the right ... it's BLUE ... how cool is that!

I took the picture because Gordy had transplanted some BLUE forget-me-nots along the side of the trail (you can kinda see them below the orb).

Then I noticed that there was another patch of flowers just beyond these groups so I turned around and took another shot ... the orb was gone ... but what is that in the center of the pathway ... waving?

Is that cool or what???? I KNOW it's a FAIRY!!! Maybe she was the blue orb in the previous picture?

I didn't "photoshop" anything. This is how the pictures came out of the camera. I have no idea why the hues are different ... the first trail picture with the orb is warmer, more red and the fairy picture is bluer ... I like to think it was her blue light that changed the color. :-)

Needless to say, sharing the fairy picture created quite a buzz ... Gordy and I went out on the trails with the camera several times trying to get more interesting pictures. Mostly, we just got a few orbs at best ... until Gordy got the following shot (that kinda freaked him out) at nearly dark one night:

On Sunday June 12th, about a dozen of our believing friends came out with flashing cameras to walk the trails and try to catch something ... as far as I know, nobody did (including me).

Then comes July 4th ... I had left my camera on a stump while we were in the forest cleaning up an area. I went back down at dusk to retrieve it and decided to run off the rest of the card on my way back up. Mostly I just got a few orbs, some of them pretty spectacular in themselves ... and I particularly liked this "orb fog" shot:

This shot intrigued me ... what is that? A miniature airplane??

And then these two shots, taken one right after the other, very near where the original fairy picture was taken ... either we have the biggest bugs in the world (or strange small birds), or something else is flying around out there at dusk!

Sunday night, July 10: We watched the Avatar movie again. I was so moved with love and gratitude for Mother Earth and all the creatures living here that I went out just after dark with the intention to "see" it all (remember in Avatar how they always said "I see you" to each other ... and the trees ... and the animals). Grabbing the camera to shoot off a card was an afterthought, but before each photo I told the forest "I see you!" ... it was moving and gave me goosebumps. I got lots of nice bright orbs, most of them large and singular (a few in groups). Then I got this ... in the same general location where all the fairy shots above were taken (something special going on there, I think).

I admit that I have done some skeptical questioning of these images ... I have seen huge crane flies and moths out at night, after all ... but I don't care. I love them whatever they are and thank them for coming into my pictures.