2009 - some of my orb pictures

[July 23, 2009] I have had a challenging, transformative year that wasn't always pleasant or easy (read my journal, link HERE, for the details) ... but the orbs were always with me to give me comfort and a few laughs. They still love to show up at group gatherings, often appearing on or near the faces of those most likely to poo-poo them away. So, here are a few of my favorites so far.

From my 60th birthday party in February, at my daughter's house (that's my son-in-law Brian who doesn't believe in orbs):

From our trip to California in April, at my step-daughter's house:

From June 21, a Father's Day reunion brunch at Mom & Dad's house that followed our niece's wedding on June 20:

From July 3 & 4, visit from step-daughter and family:

From my trip to Chicago (mid-July) for a nephew's wedding (both these pictures were from the reception dance ... orbs love dancing):