The "Haunted Computer"

[September 2008] I work a few hours a week at the local city library as an assistant (which takes in everything from normal library-type work to desktop publishing, PR, and computer troubleshooting and maintenance). We have four computers available for patron use and on the first day of the Mercury Retrograde (Sept. 24 - Oct. 15), a Wednesday, all hell broke lose with the library computers (typical for a Mercury Retrograde which can negatively affect thinking, human and computer). When I got to the library, my boss (Cecelia, the library director) was fit to be tied. I managed to solve all the problems but one.

A computer we had purchased a couple years ago from the City's computer tech, Jeff, had turned itself off and could not be turned back on again. The little power light was on, but nobody was home. I had to unplug the power cord to turn off the light. Still no good when I plugged it back in (the light came back on, but not the computer). Oh well ... e-mail Jeff to come in and take a look at it.

This is not the first time that particular computer has had problems and even needed Jeff's attention. The other three computers (and the office computer) have occasional glitches ... mostly stuff I can fix ... but nothing like this one!

Jeff's e-mail response to my call for help: "That computer is haunted." You see, Jeff originally sold the computer to another person. She died before the contract was paid off, and we were offered the computer for the balance of the contract (a great deal ... and little city libraries with little city budgets need great deals). Since that time, Jeff had to replace some major components, the monitor went out (luckily we had another one to replace it), the mouse went out (it works fine on another computer), and a couple of the USB ports in back just stopped working. Now this ....

Jeff came in the following day, Thursday, after my shift, when Cecelia was working. I got a phonecall at home from the library ... Jeff plugged in the power cord (which I hadn't tried again on Thursday) and turned it on ... no problems. "It's haunted," he told me. I had to laugh ... yup, sure sounds like it ... "It just wanted to see you, I guess," I told him. Still, how do you explain that??

The computer continued to turn on (and off) fine the next day, Friday. I took my camera with me to the library to see if I would get any orbs in pictures of that computer. Before I took the first picture, I said, "If there is an orb around here or a spirit hanging with the computer, please show yourself now." Then I took the following picture:

Check out the big beautiful orb sitting on the chair (of all places) ... I didn't even know it was there until I got my camera home and put the pictures on my home computer. The monitor "orb" is just a reflection of the flash ... but the orb on the chair ... it's a beauty!

I took several more pictures throughout the day, of that computer and the other patron computers, but there weren't any other orbs in them (of course, I didn't ask them to show themselves in the rest of the pictures, either).

I'll take my camera back with me to the library on another day and I'll spend some time talking to the "computer spirit" ... if I get any more orb pictures, I'll put them below. And I'm gonna have a long discussion with that jokester spirit about messing with the computer!