Classroom visitors

[October 2007] I took my camera to the final meeting of a "spiritual awakening" class I attended through the Pierce College Continuing Education program. I figured if orbs were around, they would be here (I was right). But more amazing than the orbs, is something else that happened that day.

I realized when I got to class that somehow my camera had been left on and the batteries were totally dead. No worries ... I had a spare set in my camera case. But when I put them into the camera, I immediately got a low-battery warning (obviously, they had been stored in the case for a long time between charges). I know from much past experience that when I get that warning, I have one, maybe two, pictures left (perhaps 3 or 4, without flash or preview screen) before the batteries totally conk out. So, I took the picture on the left (a couple weak orbs) and turned the camera off. I held it in my lap and prayed: "If what I am learning in class is true (I believe it is) and I am a being of energy surrounded by beings of energy, then please put enough of that energy into these camera batteries to take pictures today." I had my doubts it would work, I admit. But I turned the camera back on and took the following pictures (ten all together, with flash and preview screen and frequent review of the pictures I took). The low battery indicator never came back on and was still absent when I got home. And, oddly enough, the first picture I took after this "supernatural battery charging" had the brightest orb of the day in it (first picture below).

The instructor (Donna) took a couple pictures of me during a break, figuring I would be surrounded by orbs ... nope ... just one little one. I guess they would rather I was holding the camera.

Sometimes the orbs get lost when I resize the pictures for the website ... so I thought I would give some of them closeups (full sized as taken with my camera):