I could feel my blood boil when I reviewed the 60+ pictures I took at my Dad's 90th birthday party in early February 2013. Almost all the flash pictures were "ruined" by many orbs. Some might say it is because the "veil" is thinning, so more spirit orbs are coming through (plus they do love a good party). Others would say (and I am leaning this way) it is because many of the orbiest (is that a word?) pictures were taken in a dusty, unused living/dining area of my folks' house ... and a possibly-dusty Mexican restaurant.

But I don't care if the orbs are coming from reflections off dust particles, smoke, moisture in the air (rain, mist, snow), or something paranormal ... I'm tired of it and I want it to stop! I'm even considering getting a newer camera (would like a zoom lens anyway), although I dearly love my little old Fujifilm FinePix camera -- for more than a decade, it mostly does what I want and need it to do, easily, without any extra bells-and-whistles.

Well, there I was, furious about my orbbed pictures, with just Gordy (my hubby) to listen to my rant ... he wanted to help, so he tried taking some of the orbs out of the shots. Surprise, surprise, he is very adept at cloning out the photo orbs ... in fact, he enjoys doing this time-consuming project. That takes a bit of the edge off my orb rant.

Below are 4 photos from the birthday celebration week-end: on the left, the way they came out of the camera ... and on the right, the same 4 photos de-orbed by Gordy:

So that is where the orb saga stands for now. I plan to have Gordy edit most of the orbs out of future flash pictures before printing ... unless they are very special orbs (I've had some of those, too). And I am still shopping for another camera ... stay tuned.

Afterthought: A dear friend of mine, an orb fan, was saddened when she read this page ... she saw the orbs in the photos above as wonderful and beautiful and she was afraid that I had lost my sense of wonder about life's miracles. So, although it may be somewhat true that I have become jaded after 10 years of orby photos, I told her that my main complaint about this batch of pictures was that I wanted to make glossy 4x6 prints for my Mother's albums and the orbs were just messing that up. Plus I was just so impressed with Gordy's new orb removal cloning talents that I wanted to share. However, to clarify a point ... I still think some of the orbs in my pictures were spirit energy ... the ones around my Dad in 4A above, for example, seemed like they were celebrating the 90-year-old, too. I also think that most of the orbs in the other three pictures above were dust, except maybe the one on my Dad in 2A.

A few other orbs in these pictures made me chuckle, particularly the ones on and around a tapestry of Jesus that my Mom has hanging in the family room.

So, I haven't lost all the magic and joy ... and now that I have an orb editor for pictures I want to print, I am ready to keep shooting.



OK, so here's another orb shot (April 2013) that made me laugh ... guess I'm not totally done with them.

I was taking pictures of a beautiful new sign Gordy created for our driveway.

He wasn't sure about the orb around the fairy (yes, that's Tinkerbell's relative). It was the one part of the picture he didn't like. I did. But then all these wonderful orbs were in this one picture as if to assure us that indeed his painted orb was just like the real things!

The big one on the left looks just like the painting. Love it!


Whoever or whatever they are, the orbs do love parties ... these are some of the nicer ones I got at a July 2013 wedding (my nephew) and the family time before. They were "removed" before printing the pictures, however.

Well, I just found out that my website space is just about used up here, so I guess it's time to be done with orb pictures for now. Go back to my early orb years if you need to see more.