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You will all think I am out of my mind, but here is the story: I recently got a digital camera (little cheapie FujiFilm FinePixA101, 1.3 megapixels) and I started noticing balls of light in the pictures I was taking with it (not all the pictures and only when it flashes but not every time it flashes). The first obvious ones appeared on some of the frames taken at Melissa's house (the Pirate Party) on Nov. 9, 2002.

Then we tried some more shots at home and got these in the living room (11/11/02):

And we got them in the kitchen and in the workshop office:

And even down at the "Pet Cemetery" (not too surprising):

Some "Spirit Orb" background ... just put the words "spirit orbs" into an Internet search engine and you will have fun. It's a world-wide thing, most often seen with digital cameras or infrared video cameras. Many orbs have been photographed in graveyards, battle sites, Egyptian tomb areas, and the like. But these pretty little balls of energy (multicolored like opal in the middle with a black circle around the edges and uneven flame-like protusions beyond that) are just as likely to be in your house.

I think the orbs are a type of spiritual/other-dimensional energy, not normally visible to the naked eye here in the world of matter. I believe that when the body dies, the spirit, with all its memories, personality, and intelligence, lives on in a different vibration/dimension. I also believe that this spirit world is all around us: life energy does not die or cease to exist when the body does; it simply changes form. I believe that these orbs are individual spirits (human or animal) whose life energy & consciousness are showing themselves in the form of balls of energy. Something about the digital camera flash makes them seen.

One website ( says:

"Orbs are the most common configuration pattern for the spirits of the dead. The sphere is considered the ideal vehicle for moving about. The spirit orb may represent one or more spirits or souls. Documented evidence suggest that these Orbs may allow multiple spirits to travel together. Most often an Orb in motion will leave a contrail since it is moving faster than the shutter speed of the camera. Orbs are the essence of who we were in life, our intelligence, our emotions, our personalities and our attitudes are all retained within this essence or soul. Often these orbs can be observed with the human eye as they past through the wall or zip across the room."

Of course, other things make orb-like flashes on digital pictures, too. The site says:

"Dust particles suspended in the air are often thought to be spirit orbs simply because they are also orb shaped. If the IGHS Standards & Protocols are not followed, the chances of photographing dust particles instead of spirit orbs are very high. Most digital cameras will capture suspended dust particles, both indoors and outdoors. Most people are amazed that their homes contain suspended dust particles, but they do. Heaters, vents, fans and other devices move the tiny dust particles on currents of air not seen by our eyes. The orb shaped anomalies maybe out-of-round, broken or chucked, may appear as shield shape, diamond shape or octogonal depending on which camera is used. Any straight line found on an anomaly means it is produced by light being reflected back into the camera causing the anomaly. Spirit orbs never have straight lines of any kind. Most dust particles appear in clusters and resemble bubbles."

I'll be doing my own experiment to rule out dust or other matter and I'll post my test results below when I get it done. Meantime, I believe they are the real deal ... Spirit Orbs!

So are these helping spirits (angels/guides)? Friendly or tricking or demonic? Lost souls of the dead? Who knows ... I like to think they are people/animals who used to live here as well as helper spirits like guardian angels. It works for me and feels right in my heart.

That's my belief and I am sticking to it! I will post more orb pictures below as I get them. Stay tuned!

Books, DVDs and Seminars about Orbs

When I first started this site (2002), there were no books or films or classes about orbs, especially ones that said what I believe (at least some of the orbs in digital photographs are spiritual manifestations). In 2005, I found one book and added it to this page. But, in 2007, availability exploded ... and I moved it all to its own page. CLICK HERE to go there.

OK, I've got some more orbs for you ...

11/12/02: These first two were taken in the bedroom while Gordy was taking a nap ... unfortunately, the flash woke him up ... :-(

11/14/02: These next nine shots were taken outside with fill-flash ... we had several days of heavy rain beforehand, so the odds of dust in the air is very low. Also, there wasn't any rain or water dripping out of the trees.

I went outside last night at dusk (11/16/02) and this morning just before dawn (11/17/02) to see what I could see. It was pretty amazing. I put the pictures on separate pages and linked the most amazing shots to the full-sized, unretouched photos on their own pages. I don't know what to think anymore ... my skeptical, scientific side says there must be a rational, material-world explanation ... my spiritual, philosopher side says the explanation is not of this dimension. Anyway, here they are (and it looks a whole lot darker outside than it was):

Over the months, my orb pictures have brought teasing, disbelief and even ridicule from others. Almost without exception, people say it is my camera (cheap, defective, something) or my memory card or something else "material." Fujifilm's official stance is "If white specks appear on the image when the flash is used, this is probably caused by light from the flash reflecting off airborne dust particles." Nonetheless, I still think it is something more. Here are some interesting shots taken over the Christmas holiday 2002.

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I have had a few orbs here and there in 2005 and beyond pictures, but I haven't saved them all or added a page for each year. Here are a few of the better ones.


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